Information Sheet: Making an LGBTI Refugee Protection Claim in Canada
This information sheet contains information and resources on what is involved in making a refugee protection claim in Canada, geared specifically toward LGBTI persons. The primary audience are individuals who are considering seeking asylum in Canada due to persecution, violence or threats because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI), or because others perceive them to be.

Information Sheet:Mental Health Challenges for LGBT Asylum Seekers in Canada
This information sheet contains a survey of common stressors and resulting mental health challenges encountered by LGBT asylum seekers in Canada. It is based on research data gathered by Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights in India, Africa, the Caribbean, and Canada as well as a broader literature review.The primary audience for this information sheet are service providers who work with this population.

Information Sheet: Lesbian and Gay Refugee Issues: A Review of Federal Court Jurisprudence  
This information sheet contains an outline of Canadian Federal Court appeal decisions over the past 10 years that have overturned rejections of lesbian and gay asylum claims. Challenges unique to these asylum seekers are analyzed. (Note: Claims based on bisexuality or gender identity are not covered here, since the jurisprudence is different and specific treatment is necessary.) This information sheet may provide guidance for adjudicators of lesbian and gay claims seeking to ensure that their decisions avoid or survive judicial review. It may also act as a reference for asylum seekers and counsel in preparing gay and lesbian claims.


Why is documentation essential to LGBT movements?
Talk by Graeme Reid, Director: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program, Human Rights Watch. Saint Lucia, February, 2012.

Reid speaks to the importance of LGBT people "telling our stories" and "finding our voice" in order to reclaim a common history - a history which has often been erased.

How is human rights documentation helpful when combating violence?

Talk by Maurice Tomlinson, Legal Advisor, Marginalized Groups, AIDS-Free World; Caribbean Research Team, Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights. Saint Lucia, February, 2012.